Global learning opportunities for global education at UC Davis, preparing students for global leadership and study abroad hands on experience.

Global Learning Through Academic Curriculum On and Off Campus

Global leadership: the journey

Imagine Elena, a first-generation college student preparing to become a next-generation California farmer. In a virtual seminar, she videoconferences with Chinese scholars about sustainable rice production. Intrigued by their research linking ozone pollution with China’s diminishing rice yields, Elena is determined to apply this knowledge to improve rice farming in the Central Valley and globally. She enrolls in a conversational Chinese language course. Then she embarks on a quarter abroad in Nanjing, where she meets mentors who inspire her to dream of launching a Sacramento-based global food security network. Elena’s path—tracking an urgent challenge from classroom to field, around the globe and back again—has been paved by the academic curriculum at UC Davis, where she is building the knowledge, skills and networks to lead and collaborate in a global world.

Pathways to Global Education for All

UC Davis is forging pathways to open the world’s doors for every student. Building global learning into the academic curriculum—on and off campus—is key to this vision. We will integrate global perspectives across the curriculum so every student understands their field in an international context. We will articulate global learning objectives guiding program development across the disciplines. And we will support every student in pursuing these objectives—from scholarships that ease financial constraints, to study abroad opportunities aligned with degree programs, to virtual technologies that connect students across borders without leaving campus.

Make global learning possible

UC Davis is looking to partner with donors, corporations and foundations to accomplish the following:
  • Fund faculty to develop innovative, globally oriented curricula
  • Retrofit classrooms and invest in tools that enable virtual global collaboration
  • Endow global curriculum development and build the Global and International Studies minor
  • Create a portfolio system for students to document and share their global experiences
  • Provide scholarships to reduce cost barriers to study abroad and away


UC Davis is educating the next generation of global problem-solvers. Invest in the future by ensuring a global education that helps every student live, lead and thrive in an interconnected world.