Elderly people accessing assistive technology for home care and aging.

Healthy Aging in a Digital World

Aging gracefully with the use of assistive technology

Imagine an 85-year-old staying healthy through balance exercises with feedback from sensors built into a wristwatch that also connects with her family in case of a fall. Or a 60-year-old who ensures he's taking his cancer medications appropriately with a smartphone app that links to his clinician. Technology can help individuals achieve personal goals and stay in regular communication with their care teams. Technologies developed in partnership with users and health care systems also enhance providers' knowledge to deliver better care.


Aging statistics in the US and ways technology can be used for healthy aging, aging gracefully, and fall prevention.


Healthy and successful aging: a vision

UC Davis has a vision to use technology to provide a bridge between independent living and access to health care across a person’s lifespan. The Healthy Living in a Digital World initiative will unite a diverse team of experts to design, develop and evaluate creative solutions to enhance a person's daily life. We envision a world where personal devices, home monitors and mobile apps empower people to drive their health and where connectivity to family and providers generates knowledge that informs practice.

Make independence possible

UC Davis is looking to partner with donors, corporations and foundations to accomplish the following:
  • Support a world-class center that advances independence for older adults and health knowledge for their providers
  • Establish three endowed faculty positions to recruit experts in nursing, medicine, public health, engineering, data science, informatics and social sciences
  • Utilize a simulation home environment for research, clinical training and caregiver education


UC Davis is committed to bridging the digital divide between technology and health care, so people can live healthier lives. Help us turn new ideas in personalized care into meaningful changes that improve quality of life.