Healthy Aging in a Digital World

A Big Impact: Heart Health at Home

September 13, 2019
For Hugo Campus Jr., a UC Davis research-study partner, keeping his dad healthy, safe and at home are top priorities – as is managing his own inherited hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and diastolic dysfunction.

Designing a World for Healthy Aging

January 10, 2019
The Healthy Aging in a Digital World ‘Big Idea’ leverages the university’s strengths in telehealth, gerontology and interdisciplinary expertise to empower healthier aging via technology.

Healthy Aging in a Digital World

Aging gracefully with the use of assistive technology

Imagine an 85-year-old staying healthy through balance exercises with feedback from sensors built into a wristwatch that also connects with her family in case of a fall. Or a 60-year-old who ensures he's taking his cancer medications appropriately with a smartphone app that links to his clinician. Technology can help individuals achieve personal goals and stay in regular communication with their care teams.

Telemedicine - The New House Call

January 26, 2018
Telemedicine uses technology to diagnose and treat illness remotely. For the aging, it can provide 24-hour care without a hospital stay and improve quality of life through more accessible treatment options. School of Nursing Dean Heather M. Young and Associate Vice Chancellor Tom Nesbitt talk about the technology, its future in health care and how UC Davis innovates for Healthy Aging in a Digital World.

Aging Gracefully: 2 UC Davis research projects tackle getting older

June 19, 2017
Information abounds on the kinds of exercise that can keep your body strong, but what will keep your mind healthy? That’s a question researchers Charles DeCarli and Kimberley McAllister hope to answer with the Healthy Brain Aging Initiative: Brain Health Across the Lifespan, a long-term research project under development among numerous UC Davis departments. Another long-term research project, Healthy Aging in a Digital World, investigates using technology to provide efficient care across a person’s lifespan.