Healthy Aging in a Digital World

Aging In California

February 03, 2021
UC Davis Health Professor Terri Harvath explains what the organization plans to focus on now and in the post-pandemic years.

Telemedicine pioneer

December 01, 2020
Tom Nesbitt (B.A., psychology, ’75; M.D. ’79) launched the UC Davis Health System’s first telehealth program in 1992. Nesbitt’s pioneering leadership in telemedicine has been recognized by the American Telemedicine Association and the American Hospital Association.

Sacramento Philanthropists Lend Support to Healthy Aging Efforts

September 18, 2020
David Lubarsky, CEO of UC Davis Health, announced a $2 million gift from Angelo K. and Sofia Tsakopoulos, and Chrysanthy and George Demos, to support the health system’s commitment to improve the health and well-being of older adults.

A Big Impact: Heart Health at Home

September 13, 2019
For Hugo Campus Jr., a UC Davis research-study partner, keeping his dad healthy, safe and at home are top priorities – as is managing his own inherited hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and diastolic dysfunction.