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In fall 2015, leaders at UC Davis put forth a call for Big Ideas that demonstrate ways the university can impact the world for good and offer potential donors the opportunity to make a meaningful impact with their contributions.

Interest from across the university was unprecedented – nearly 200 ideas were received from faculty, staff and students. These ideas included innovative and ambitious plans in water, sustainability, human rights, food, human and animal medicine, and more.

Submissions were reviewed and selected to move forward by a campaign steering committee, a group convened by the chancellor to set campaign strategy, as the university gears up for its second comprehensive fundraising campaign. 

The Big Ideas chosen to help propel the next fundraising campaign are interdisciplinary and transformational in the areas where UC Davis has the unique capacity to be the best. They build on the strength and foundation of UC Davis while having the capability to make a lasting positive impact in California, the nation and around the world.

We invite you to search through the 11 Big Ideas currently featured throughout this site, and to welcome the next two Big Ideas, coming soon:

Carbon Neutrality Leadership Initiative

A first-of-its kind initiative that will make UC Davis a zero-carbon campus by 2025. Through project-based learning opportunities, faculty, students and staff will collaboratively test and operationalize cutting-edge research and translate this work to the public.

Chemistry Discovery Complex

A revolutionary hub for chemists to come together to bring different perspectives and a unique toolset to the lab bench, asking questions that can change the conversations of the field and change the way this fundamental discipline is taught, researched and applied.