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One Climate Initiative

Accelerating solutions to benefit the world

Environmental impacts of climate change

UC Davis is poised to lead the world in developing global climate solutions, leveraging our proven track record of interdisciplinary research for maximum societal impact. To meet the climate challenge, we must act swiftly to create a sustainable, equitable 21st-century economy, with new jobs across multiple sectors and new definitions of health and abundance for people, ecosystems and the planet.

UC Davis is uniquely equipped to accelerate groundbreaking science and practical interventions that will benefit all. We are at the forefront of every discipline that is fundamental to solving the climate challenge, and we will apply the breadth and depth of our excellence as the West Coast’s most comprehensive university to take decisive action on the defining issue of our time.

A comprehensive approach: sustainable solutions

The One Climate Initiative will lead the way forward to planetary resilience by using a holistic approach to catalyze a powerful, diverse nexus of change-makers—integrating across disciplines and with partners in industry, government, NGOs and communities to scale solutions. As an inclusive innovation ecosystem that prioritizes human health and environmental justice, we will create a new model for how public research institutions partner with stakeholders for the greater good.

Through a state-of-the-art carbon farming consortium, the collaborative development of new technologies and climate policies, and high-impact research, outreach and student training, One Climate will deploy solutions that improve quality of life, now and for generations to come.

Holistic resilience to climate change: negative carbon emissions

UC Davis is looking to partner with donors, corporations and foundations to accomplish the following:
  • Help create the world’s most state-of-the-art carbon farming technologies, allowing us to capture more carbon dioxide from the air and store it securely in natural and engineered materials
  • Foster interdisciplinary development of the science, tools, policies and technologies that will help people, animals and ecosystems adapt to the impacts of climate change
  • Equip the next generation of climate leaders to find new ways for us all to thrive


Together, we can help ensure planetary resilience to climate change. We invite our alumni and friends to partner with us in fast-tracking the climate change solutions that will create a low-carbon society and a sustainable way of life.