Collage of food, people working together and microscopic image

Food Valley

Accelerating Food and Biotechnology Innovation

The entrepreneurial ecosystem: revolutionizing food science and nutrition

A revolution is underway at the intersection of food, health and biotechnology, and UC Davis is poised to transform the Sacramento area into the regional home for this movement. From biologics designed to destroy foodborne pathogens to probiotics that boost infant immunity, UC Davis researchers are accelerating technology-enabled solutions to sustainably nourish and enhance the health of people worldwide. Now, the time is right for an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will efficiently bring new ideas to a global market.

Nexus of biotechnology: preparing agricultural and food scientist

UC Davis has a vision to transform the greater Sacramento region into Food Valley—the incubator pipeline for innovations that will unlock the health capabilities of the foods we eat.

Combining our signature strengths in food, agriculture, health, innovation and entrepreneurship, Food Valley at UC Davis will accelerate the commercialization of game-changing food and biotechnology ideas through partnerships with researchers, industry and policymakers, while preparing tomorrow’s food technology leaders through unique experiential learning programs. Together, we will create a global epicenter for food system innovation to support optimal health.

Help nourish the population and promote optimal health

UC Davis is looking to partner with donors, corporations and foundations to accomplish the following:

  • Build the Food Valley Incubator Lab, the region’s first wet lab for startup incubation, where local food and biotech companies can develop their disruptive ideas and innovative products
  • Create new experiential learning programs to give undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars firsthand experience in translating innovative concepts into real-world outcomes
  • Establish conferences, pitch days and innovation academies to accelerate investments and sustain a nexus of food and biotechnology innovation, industry expertise and collaboration in the Sacramento region


UC Davis is building an innovation ecosystem that will be a global destination for products and ideas that promote optimal health. We invite the partnership of our alumni and friends in launching ideas that change the world and nourish the well-being of people and planet.