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Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Turning Ideas into Action

Leadership for a multifaceted world

Innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) is about more than launching companies. I&E is a mindset—and those who have it pursue solutions where others see obstacles, create uncommon collaborations where others work alone, and lead when others are frozen by uncertainty. In a rapidly evolving world, an I&E mindset is more essential than ever—and it applies in all disciplines, from the life sciences and engineering to the humanities and social sciences.

The growth mindset in practice

UC Davis students are part of a global economy that demands agility, unconventional thinking and the ability to pioneer novel responses to the many challenges we face. Our graduates are called upon to solve the world’s problems in food, energy, veterinary and human medicine, climate change science and more. For over a decade, our I&E programming has served as a national model that has helped faculty, student and staff researchers change the world through their ideas.

Now, our vision is to reach all prospective UC Davis learners—from students and faculty to alumni and executives—catalyzing a thriving culture of I&E across our university. Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset will integrate I&E coursework and extracurricular opportunities into the UC Davis experience at every level, connecting learners with programs that are academically rigorous, experientially grounded, and rooted in our strengths as the West Coast’s most comprehensive university. Together, we will make I&E learning a hallmark of a UC Davis education.

Support collaboration to catalyze change

UC Davis is looking to partner with donors, corporations and foundations to accomplish the following:
  • Launch and expand formal educational programs in I&E across our university
  • Expand hands-on experiences, including business competitions and immersive fellowships, that are critical for learning to collaborate and formulate solutions
  • Create the Aggie Innovation Hub, a dedicated space for interdisciplinary coursework, venture development and networking with community partners


Together, we can ensure that UC Davis is synonymous with the entrepreneurial skills and innovative mindset needed to create positive 21st-century change. We invite our alumni and friends to partner with us in empowering professionals who will change the world with their original ideas, adaptive approaches and inspired collaborations and ventures.