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Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Andrew Hargadon

Andrew Hargadon, Ph.D.

Professor of Technology Management
Charles J. Soderquist Chair in Entrepreneurship
Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset Big Idea

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My passion for this Big Idea

“In college, I was six units away from earning an economics degree when I walked into the product design loft, where I saw chairs, clocks, custom-made bicycles –– all things students in that lab designed themselves. I switched my major to engineering, because I knew I wanted to create things I hadn’t known were possible.

I am passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship: It goes beyond simply starting companies or inventing new things. It is a mindset of looking at problems in a diverse way and finding different questions to solve. And there are a lot of students who learn better by doing –– I know I was one of them.

Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset will incubate creativity like that in the design loft that changed my own life’s path, equipping the UC Davis community with the resources, training and experiential opportunities needed to move innovations forward. We will empower all students, regardless of their major, to think creatively and build collaboratively in the pursuit of positive change.”

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