Collage of people with different backgrounds represent the human rights movement at UC Davis.

Global Human Rights

International Human Rights

The principle that all people have inherent rights and dignity is universal — a touchstone for our shared humanity and internationally recognized language of justice. Yet human rights struggles are at the heart of the greatest global crises of our time, from political upheaval and environmental degradation to systemic inequities in access to education, healthcare, economic opportunity and social justice. Grave as these challenges are, our best hope for the future lies in international human rights thought leadership and humanitarian action across borders of all kinds: geographic, cultural, ideological and disciplinary.


Human Rights facts and figures


Human Rights Issues: A Vision for Education

UC Davis has a vision to be the first in the nation to bring the full force of a leading public research university to bear on critical human rights issues — from injustices facing California’s vulnerable undocumented population to the needs of global refugees displaced by violence, natural disaster and genocide. Leveraging our interdisciplinary strengths across law, the humanities, the social sciences and STEM fields, UC Davis will be an international leader in spearheading collaborative, sustainable responses to urgent human rights challenges. We will educate a new generation of leaders in every field, working actively with communities while equipping our students to point the way forward.

Advance the Human Rights Movement

  • Create a state-of-the-art home for human rights research, education, policy, outreach and collaboration
  • Advance world-class research by endowing faculty, postdoctoral scholars, graduate fellows and researchers
  • Sponsor impactful programming, including fellowships to host prominent humanitarian leaders and rescued scholars


UC Davis is committed to working locally and globally to achieve an enduring impact in human rights research, education and advocacy. We invite the partnership of our alumni and friends in leading the way toward a more just, humane and equitable future for all.