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The principle that all people have inherent rights and dignity is universal — a touchstone for our shared humanity and internationally recognized language of justice. Yet human rights struggles are at the heart of the greatest global crises of our time, from political upheaval and environmental degradation to systemic inequities in access to education, healthcare, economic opportunity and social justice.

Studying the Past to Create a Better Future

September 06, 2019
UC Davis professor and a champion of the Global Human Rights Big Idea, Michael Lazzara, speaks to his pillar of this Big Idea: working to understand the past in order to prevent future genocides and mass atrocities.

Championing Rights for All Migrants

June 21, 2019
UC Davis Professor of Law Leticia Saucedo believes UC Davis could play a crucial role in helping individuals who are being exploited and dehumanized through a proposed center focusing on migration and at-risk migrants. This center would be a part of the triune of centers around the Global Human Rights Big Idea.

Refugees Reclaim a Human Right with Technology

November 05, 2018

Jawad Kaysaneya was in his first year of college, studying to be a civil engineer like his father, when he fled eastern Ghouta shortly after the war started. War derailed his dreams, and continues to do so in Lebanon, where he’s lived since 2012. But dreams have a way of persisting, especially with a little help. The web-based platform where these young Syrian adults are uploading their documents aims to remove obstacles to their aspirations.