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The principle that all people have inherent rights and dignity is universal — a touchstone for our shared humanity and internationally recognized language of justice. Yet human rights struggles are at the heart of the greatest global crises of our time, from political upheaval and environmental degradation to systemic inequities in access to education, healthcare, economic opportunity and social justice.

A Matter of Rights

June 19, 2017
Keith Watenpaugh discusses his efforts to help refugees access higher education. It is his and his colleagues' goal to make human rights an elemental pillar in UC Davis' global footprint by cultivating research and innovation in human rights with the Institute for Global Human Rights in the 21st Century.

Opening a Backpack – Opening the Way Back to University

June 01, 2017
Since 2013, an international team of university professionals, and human rights professionals led by UC Davis Professor and Director of Human Rights Studies, Keith David Watenpaugh have been seeking ways to address the impact of the war in Syria on higher education and in particular how to help young refugees return to university.