Institute for Global Human Rights

Global Human Rights

UC Davis has a vision to be the first in the nation to bring the full force of a leading public research university to bear on critical human rights issues.

Studying the Past to Create a Better Future

September 06, 2019
UC Davis professor and a champion of the Global Human Rights Big Idea, Michael Lazzara, speaks to his pillar of this Big Idea: working to understand the past in order to prevent future genocides and mass atrocities.

Championing Rights for All Migrants

June 21, 2019
UC Davis Professor of Law Leticia Saucedo believes UC Davis could play a crucial role in helping individuals who are being exploited and dehumanized through a proposed center focusing on migration and at-risk migrants. This center would be a part of the triune of centers around the Global Human Rights Big Idea.

Reclaiming and Reaffirming Education Starts Here

November 27, 2018
Arabic bounces off the walls of a small room in a nondescript building in Lebanon’s notorious Bekaa Valley. About a dozen Syrian refugees carefully take photos of their diplomas and training certificates.