International student residence for global leadership, providing a global education and opportunity for international student scholarship.

Building Bridges Through Co-Curricular Learning and Leadership

Unique global leadership opportunities

Imagine Malcolm, a political science major who grew up living in subsidized housing in Los Angeles. A late night conversation with sophomore suitemates from Jamaica and Ghana—both supported by a scholarship fund for underrepresented international students—motivates him to examine poverty alleviation through a global lens. Committed to learning and doing more, he pursues this passion through work with Sacramento immigrant communities and studies in Geneva, Switzerland, where he networks with United Nations international development professionals. After earning undergraduate and law degrees from UC Davis, he joins a federal agency and launches a national student leadership program focused on workforce training and advocacy for immigrants and refugees. Malcolm’s path—an unwavering sense of purpose sparked by intercultural dialogue, strengthened by global connections, and sustained by passing the torch to a new generation of leaders—has been paved by the unique global living, and leadership opportunities he has found at UC Davis.

Pathways to a Global Education for All

UC Davis is forging pathways to open the world’s doors for every student. Co-curricular learning and leadership opportunities that enhance global education and research are key to this vision. We will establish global living and learning communities that foster understanding and lasting relationships among students of diverse backgrounds, and we will create global leadership programs that tap the rich intercultural knowledge across our university and our broader communities.

Creating a space for global learning

UC Davis is looking to partner with donors, corporations and foundations to accomplish the following:
  • Revitalize campus housing to create a vibrant international living and learning environment
  • Endow Global Diversity student grants for low-income, underrepresented international students in need of scholarship
  • Fund new and expanded global learning communication campaigns to engage students and alumni
  • Develop co-curricular programming to support global learning and leadership across campus
  • Support residential initiatives to foster relationship building among students from around the world


UC Davis is educating the next generation of global problem-solvers. We invite the partnership of alumni and friends in empowering every student to learn and lead in an interconnected world.