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Lifelong Learning Hub

Empowering Lifelong Learners

Advanced training for the growing workforce

Kim has spent years cobbling together high-stress, low-paying jobs to support her two sons. Her day shift as a sales clerk doesn’t provide enough to make ends meet, so she adds a swing shift with a virtual call center, fielding customer service inquiries after she puts her children to bed. Together with occasional Uber driving, Kim manages to pay the bills. But with little time to spend with the sons she works so hard to support, she knows the cost to her family is too high.

When a neighbor, knowing Kim’s skill with computers, tells her about an IT training program at Aggie Square, she decides to take a chance on a weekend data analytics course. It goes so well that she decides to enroll in a full online training program. A networking opportunity soon leads to contract work, and then to a salaried position as a data integrity specialist at a thriving bioinformatics startup. Three years later, Kim is rising up the ranks in a promising career—with more time for Little League games and family dinners even as she pursues advanced training.

Customizable professional programs and resources for all ages and interests

In a rapidly evolving innovation economy, Aggie Square will empower people like Kim to seize the opportunities it brings—and give businesses the robust talent pipeline to compete successfully. Aggie Square’s lifelong learning hub will co-locate UC Davis’ continuing education and professional development resources with industry partners, community organizations and employers to anticipate workforce needs and create customized training and education programs for every age and interest.

Building a robust talent pipeline: economic opportunity

  • Enhance education and training spaces with cutting-edge technologies that prepare tomorrow’s workforce in healthcare, life sciences, IT and other industries
  • Create a one-stop career advising center to prepare our region’s adults for the jobs of the future, and enhance training opportunities for veterans and displaced workers
  • Provide seed funding for customized training and professional development programs that grow our workforce, diversify our economy and lift up our community

UC Davis is building a pipeline of industry talent to advance the next-generation innovation economy emerging in Sacramento. We invite the philanthropic partnership of our alumni and friends in maximizing the new opportunities taking shape in Aggie Square.