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Accelerating Life Sciences Innovation and Discovery

Leveraging life sciences technology   

Rose suffers from osteoporosis. For years, worrying about broken bones kept her from enjoying morning strolls and, most importantly, playing in the park with her grandchildren. She’d become resigned to a less mobile lifestyle—until her doctor recommended a treatment using her own stem cells to build new, stronger bone. Now, only a year into treatment, Rose is much more active. She’s spending more time with her grandkids than ever, and she just joined a neighborhood walking group.

The cellular therapy that changed Rose’s life was developed a few years earlier by UC Davis regenerative medicine researchers in a lab not far from her doctor’s Oak Park clinic. They refined the therapy with the support of a nearby biotech incubator and, after successfully completing several clinical trials, brought it to market with a local bioengineering startup. Bringing a life sciences innovation from bench to bedside typically takes decades and involves extraordinary expense—but not this time, because all the key assets are co-located at Aggie Square.

Discover life-changing innovation in digital healthcare

Although Rose’s story is fiction, it’s based on real-life UC Davis research and innovation—just one example of the promising discoveries Aggie Square is poised to translate into life-changing impact. Leveraging the university’s expertise in cell and gene therapy, and featuring cutting-edge space for life sciences, technology and engineering innovation, Aggie Square will connect industry entrepreneurs and private investors with world-class researchers, clinicians and engineers to catalyze better outcomes for patients everywhere, from digital health care solutions to unlocking the mysteries of the mind and brain.

Utilizing research and engineering: solving the mysteries of the mind and brain

  • Create a cutting-edge innovation environment featuring world-class labs, incubator and accelerator space
  • Provide critical research support that speeds the development of new cellular therapies
  • Fund bioengineering innovation that yields more effective, more affordable treatments


Aggie Square will propel life-changing leaps forward in life sciences, technology and engineering—offering hope for cures and treatments no one could imagine even a few years ago. We invite the philanthropic partnership of our alumni and friends in accelerating Aggie Square innovation to build healthier, stronger communities regionally and globally.