People in the middle of a plant store next to artist rendering of Aggie Square

Market Plaza at Aggie Square

Growing Healthy Appetites for Life

Enhancing food literacy and expanding access

A picky eater whose diet consisted mainly of chicken nuggets and fries, eight-year-old Ben only ate tomatoes in the form of ketchup…until the day of his school field trip to Market Plaza in Aggie Square. When a grower at the farmers market invited him to sample a just-picked heirloom tomato, it was an eye-opening experience. As the morning went on, his fascination only grew as he and his classmates explored the square—learning how bees and other pollinators help urban environments, selecting the freshest berries for the smoothies made at the market café, and enjoying a school lunch featuring local produce.

One morning in Aggie Square had transformed the way Ben felt about healthy food, with ripple effects extending to his family, school and neighborhood. Now he dreams of being a chef…and meanwhile he’s practicing by helping plan the family grocery lists and sharing his cafeteria menu ideas with the school nutritionist.

Connecting community with world-class agricultural, nutrition and health

Hundreds of stories like Ben’s are poised to unfold at Aggie Square, the thriving innovation ecosystem UC Davis is building on its Sacramento campus. With a planned farmers market pavilion, nutrition education programs, and healthy, locally grown food offerings, Market Plaza at Aggie Square will amplify the impact of the university’s world-class agricultural, nutrition and health expertise and connect it to on-the-ground community needs. Aggie Square will partner with schools and community groups to expand food access, enhance food literacy and promote lifelong healthy relationships to food.

Promote healthy, lifelong relationships with food

  • Launch public-facing food literacy and nutrition education programs that nurture vibrant, healthy communities across our city and region
  • Provide funds to create a Market Pavilion and Market Plaza—connecting the university and community in public spaces that celebrate healthy food for all
  • Support K-12 education and outreach programs that foster lifelong wellness and enhance a thriving, sustainable local food system


Aggie Square is planting the seeds of food literacy, health and wellness in our community and beyond. We invite the philanthropic partnership of our alumni and friends in nurturing healthy, sustainable food habits for life.