Space for the study of the brain and innovative brain research by UC Davis to prevent neurodevelopmental disorders, and improve care around the world.

Places: A space for groundbreaking research and brain health collaboration

Building for the future of brain health

Imagine a place without walls or fixed borders. A space as open as the human mind—bounded only by the limits of scientific understanding. A space where those limits are stretched every day by new ideas connecting, expanding and venturing into new territory.

This is the vision that guides the Healthy Brain Aging Initiative as we build for the future. Grounded in a physical environment that fosters collaboration and innovation across basic and clinical science, we will be the epicenter of a seismic shift in how the world understands brain aging, including prevention of Alzheimer's disease and Dementia. We will be the site of the next big leaps forward in improving brain health across the lifespan, and the training ground for the next generation of pioneers in this field.

Brain research hub for amplifying ideas and discovery

UC Davis is building a new kind of research and clinical environment to support collaboration and innovation—creating spaces that enable groundbreaking discovery while fostering team science across labs and clinics. Beyond bricks and mortar, our focus is on amplifying the ideas and discoveries that take place within our labs and classrooms, while maximizing their ability to change the trajectory of brain research. We will build forward-looking spaces that co-locate neuroscience, engineering, psychology, physics and computer science, together with incubator space to facilitate private sector partnerships that speed the development of innovations that enhance brain health for people at every stage of life.

Supporting partnerships and innovation

  • Help build a world-class hub for innovation, discovery and team science
  • Create spaces to encourage collaboration and promote partnerships in the field of brian health
  • Foster incubator spaces to drive innovation at the nexus of research and discovery through dynamic engagement with entrepreneurs and start-up ventures in brain fitness and beyond


UC Davis is committed to breaking new ground in healthy brain aging. We invite the partnership of our alumni and friends in creating spaces that foster collaboration and advance innovation to ensure optimal brain health for all.