Brain fitness for brain health to prevent neurodevelopmental disorders through the study of the brain. Cutting edge neuroscience research by UC Davis thought-leaders.

People: Training innovative and collaborative leaders in the future of brain health

Brain Fitness: A Positive, Proactive Approach to Brain Health

Imagine a world where aging is synonymous with growing, not diminishing, mental vitality. Imagine today’s seniors approaching the years ahead with hope and enthusiasm, not fear. Imagine a new generation of individuals who will never know the helplessness of watching an aging parent slip into cognitive decline—individuals with no need to worry about their own brain health as they age, because they have been actively building mental fitness at every stage of their lives.

UC Davis has a vision to optimize brain health throughout the lifespan and preventing the factors that cause dementia and disease as we grow older. Together, we will drive a paradigm shift toward a positive, proactive focus on improving brain fitness at every age.

Setting this transformation in motion will require building new bridges across fields to forge pathways to healthy brain aging. UC Davis has all the key components to lead the way, including more than 150 faculty labs focused on neuroscience research, together with comprehensive strengths in immunology, gut health, nutrition and engineering—all critical elements in the study of brain health. We will create synergies across clinical and basic neuroscience to yield new discoveries, drive innovation and take brain aging research into new dimensions. And we will train forward-thinking, collaborative leaders who will change the future for the next generation. 

The Future of Healthy Aging

  • Advance groundbreaking neurodevelopmental research by endowing four professorships and providing faculty support grants
  • Prepare the next generation of leaders by supporting fellowships that enhance clinical opportunities for junior faculty and trainees across laboratories
  • Provide key clinical research support through a cross-disciplinary training program fund for post-doctoral and graduate students


UC Davis is committed to empowering people to lead full and productive lives at every stage. We invite the partnership of our alumni and friends in advancing a new research and clinical paradigm to ensure optimal brain health for all.