UC Davis Veterinarian to Assist Animals in Australia Wildfires, Local Students Pitch In

Jamie Peyton
UC Davis Veterinarian Jamie Peyton (center) and a team of UC Davis veterinarians work on "Bob" the bobcat at the Center for Companion Animal Health on November 30, 2018. Bob suffered 5th degree burns on his paws in the recent Camp Fire in Butte County. Peyton is treating him with Tilapia Skin bandages to help with pain and a faster recovery.

The wildfires have ravaged natural habitat for wildlife indigenous to Australia and now groups from the states are doing what they can to help. Erin Brady is the Home Economics teacher at Spring View Middle School in Rocklin. On Monday, about 50 kids gathered in her classroom to sew pouches for kangaroos, wallabies, and bats.

This comes as UC Davis veterinarian Jamie Peyton preps for a trip down under. She is teaming up with other vets to help animals burned in the wildfires, taking technology she pioneered and using it during the Camp Fire. It uses skin from farmed tilapia to treat wounds.

Future research and studies on these issues will continue to be conducted at the new UC Davis Veterinary Medical Center, a part of the Veterinary Medical Center Big Idea.

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