Center for Violence Prevention Research

Alcohol Misuse and Gun Violence: What We Know

December 17, 2019
While the relationship between gun violence and mental health get lots of attention, numerous studies have established a much stronger link between excessive alcohol consumption and gun violence.

A Quarter of Californian Adults Live in a Household With a Gun

December 05, 2019
In an attempt to update our understanding of gun ownership, a team of researchers led by Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz, from the University of California, Davis, decided to investigate the prevalence of firearms in California, the types and numbers of weapons people owned, and their reasons for having them.

A Discussion of Gun Violence in California

November 20, 2019
Garen Wintemute, one of the nation’s leading violence research experts, talks with Capitol Public Radio about gun violence in California. Wintemute is the UC Davis Big Idea champion for the Center for Violence Prevention.