Guns lying acrosss table

Armed and Prohibited: Why a California program to get guns out of the hands of criminals is facing significant challenges

After a violent few months in the Sacramento area, many are wondering what leaders are doing to keep our community safe. Garen Wintemute is studying the impacts of the prohibited persons list for UC Davis Health Violence Prevention Research. He said currently, courts report new prohibitions to the state daily. Overnight, computers run that list against a list of gun owners. Officials have to confirm the matches by hand. If the suspects don’t turn in the guns like they’re supposed to, that launches an investigation process that could lead to seizures.
“The ideal solution, quite frankly, would be not to have a need for law enforcement to go out and recover the weapons from a person at home. For example, it would be to make it part of the transaction,” Wintemute said. “Here’s your restraining order and give us the guns at the same time.”

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