Smart Farm

UC Davis receives grant to increase dietary fiber in wheat

November 16, 2020
The University of California, Davis, has a received a nearly $500,000 Seeding Solutions grant from the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) to increase the dietary fiber content in wheat products.

New technology speeds up crop improvement

October 13, 2020
Gene editing can improve crop performance, but there’s a catch: It can be hard to grow plants from cells after you’ve tweaked their genomes.

UC Davis establishes research, training in cultivated meat

September 23, 2020
A consortium of researchers at the University of California, Davis, aims to explore the long-term sustainability of cultivated meat, supported by a new grant of up to $3.55 million from the National Science Foundation Growing Convergence program, in addition to previous support from the Good Food Institute and New Harvest.

Precision Agriculture: Genetic Research Aids in Food Production

August 21, 2020
Vivian Vuong’s ’17, Ph.D. ’21, drive to study agricultural engineering stemmed from her undergraduate research with Biological and Agricultural Engineering Professor and Smart Farm Big Idea Champion David Slaughter. Today she’s working on gathering genetic data on plants to increase yield in the field.

Technology, Innovation Drive Future of California Ag

August 21, 2020
On a 300-acre research farm at the Davis campus, researchers are working with robotic tractors, using drones to track the condition of plants in the field and using sensors to monitor individual plants and animals.

Solving agricultural challenges with engineering and robotics

July 17, 2020
From creating fragile crop harvest-aiding mobile robots (FRAIL-bots) for strawberry harvesting to developing an automated robotic orchard platform designed to optimize fruit pickers’ performance, Stavros Vougioukas is addressing agricultural challenges and making an impact on California agriculture.