Smart Farm

Closing the loop on sustainable aquaculture

May 24, 2018
On a farm just outside of Sacramento, hundreds of prehistoric-looking fish swim around in 50-foot diameter tanks. These are white sturgeon, the largest freshwater fish in North America. They’ve been around since dinosaurs, can grow more than 7 feet long and lay hundreds of thousands of eggs at a time.

The Smart Farm Initiative: the future of precision agriculture

April 24, 2018
At UC Davis, a team of professors have kicked off the Smart Farm Initiative. Lead by biological and agricultural engineering professor David Slaughter, the initiative strives to utilize and progress technology in agriculture to increase productivity and transform farm work to a STEM-based industry.

Smart Farming—Automated and Connected Agriculture

March 15, 2018
There are more humans alive on Earth right now than ever before—7.3 billion—and that number is still growing, with UN projections that it will reach 9.7 billion by 2050. A population of this magnitude brings a lot of challenges, food production chief among them.

Smart Farm

Sustainable Agriculture of the Future Feeding 9 billion by 2050: the future of farming

Ensuring people everywhere have access to safe and nutritious food while sustaining our planet is one of humanity’s greatest challenges. It is predicted that by 2050 the world population will have grown by more than 2 billion. Smart Farm technology is a key solution to the sustainable future of food and farming. This agriculture movement includes vertical farming, innovative food storage methods, and precision monitoring to improve real-time care for livestock and plants.

Creating the Farm and Farmworkers of the Future

January 24, 2018
Thanks to technology, the farm of the future produces more food, measured by inputs of land, labor, energy or materials than ever before and does so with less water and less impact on the environment and climate. It also provides skilled careers for a new generation of farmworkers. That’s the vision behind the Smart Farm Initiative.