Oanh Meyer
Oanh Meyer, an assistant adjunct professor with the University of California, Davis, discusses her work with Alzheimer’s disease in her office at the UC Davis Department of Neurology in Sacramento. THEODORA YU TYU@SACBEE.COM

UC Davis Professor Helps with Alzheimer’s Care. Why her Work Goes Beyond the Office

Oanh Meyer is no stranger to Alzheimer’s disease. Her everyday life revolves around caring for those who suffer from the ailment. Meyer’s office is at the UC Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Sacramento. But her care goes beyond the clinic: Her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a progressive disease that commonly causes dementia and has no cure.

Dr. Charles DeCarli, director of the UC Davis Alzheimer's Disease Center and Healthy Brain Aging Big Idea champion, is working to find ways to strengthen and maintain brain health as we age. The UC Davis initiative aims to create healthier, stronger brains in people of all ages.

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