Healthy Brain Aging Initiative

Healthy Brain Aging Initiative

Brain Health Across the Lifespan Brain fitness: a solution for healthy aging

The loss of brain health commonly associated with aging can be devastating. Beyond the personal toll on patients and their families, deteriorating cognitive and mental health affects all of us and represents a substantial challenge to our healthcare system and communities. Now is the time to change how science and society think about aging, cognitive and mental disease, focusing on what we are calling lifelong brain fitness.

UC Davis experts lead forward-thinking research about how to improve brain health

December 01, 2017
Charles DeCarli, neurologist and director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center, and Kimberley McAllister, director of the Center for Neuroscience and professor in the neurology and neurobiology, physiology and behavior departments, are taking an interdisciplinary approach to rethink how brain health is defined as champions of the Healthy Brain Aging Initiative: Brain Health Across the Lifespan Big Idea for UC Davis.

Aging Gracefully: 2 UC Davis research projects tackle getting older

June 19, 2017
Information abounds on the kinds of exercise that can keep your body strong, but what will keep your mind healthy? That’s a question researchers Charles DeCarli and Kimberley McAllister hope to answer with the Healthy Brain Aging Initiative: Brain Health Across the Lifespan, a long-term research project under development among numerous UC Davis departments. Another long-term research project, Healthy Aging in a Digital World, investigates using technology to provide efficient care across a person’s lifespan.