The future of farming and the field of agriculture using data, agriculture technology and research, and putting it into action on farms locally and globally to help the future of the world.

Big Data

Using Data to Revolutionize Agriculture

Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) hold enormous potential to revolutionize agriculture. Through the IoT, sensors can be deployed to collect data and communicate in real time. Yet data must be effectively managed and analyzed to extract their full value. We know how to convert information into actionable insights, but making those available to farmers and ranchers is a pressing need that is largely unaddressed.

Informing Best Practices in Crop Yield

Harnessing the data from a complex biological system requires the multidisciplinary expertise unique to UC Davis. Smart Farm will create a cadre of data scientists, computer engineers, plant breeding specialists, statisticians and genomicists to support precision farming and develop more resilient agricultural breeds. This consortium will create interfaces and algorithms that combine historical and real-time information about crop and animal status, allowing farmers and ranchers to predict performance, adjust best practices and rapidly improve yield and resilience. Leveraging UC Davis’ network of industry partners across the Central and Silicon Valleys, Smart Farm will empower data-driven decision-making through widespread data availability, user-friendly mobile apps and more.

Key to leading this effort will be the establishment of an endowed chair in data analytics. Endowed positions are a decisive tool in attracting remarkable faculty of international distinction, and the creation of an endowed chair in this area will ensure the sustained impact of the consortium’s work.

Pioneer the Future of Farming

  • Endow a faculty chair in data analytics to lead advancements at the intersection of computer science, production agriculture and software development
  • Fund state-of-the-art equipment, software and cloud-based storage to enhance data quality, analysis and application 
  • Fund research and training programs that will develop the next generation of agricultural innovators


UC Davis is committed to taking Big Data out of the cloud and putting it into action on farms worldwide. We invite the philanthropic partnership of our alumni and friends in pioneering the Big Data solutions of tomorrow.