Artist rendering of UC Davis Equine Performance Center

Equine Performance Center

Setting the Highest Standard of Care for Your Horse’s Total Wellness

Compassionate healing: innovative strategies for prevention and treatment

At the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, our commitment to providing your horse with the highest level of compassionate care is unparalleled. For fifty years we have served owners and the equine industry with cutting-edge clinical treatment and solution-oriented research—one patient at a time, and on a global scale.

As a world leader setting the pace in equine health, we want to grow our capacity to lead in a rapidly evolving field to even greater heights. This is a guiding principle of our vision to create the world’s premier Veterinary Medical Center—a cornerstone of which will be the Equine Performance Center.

With a dedicated gait analysis laboratory, integrated sports medicine center, and new arena supporting performance evaluation, the Equine Performance Center will prioritize injury prevention through targeted approaches using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. Horses will be evaluated at their current competition level, enhancing our ability to detect minor injuries or risk factors that could affect future performance. Force-plate technology and video analysis will generate personalized data on biomechanics that will open pathways to improved performance through tailored interventions as well as research that is rapidly translated into clinical treatments.

The Equine Performance Center will be the world’s most advanced hub for maintaining the health and fitness of performance and recreational horses alike.

Horse leaping with jockey on its backCutting-edge care: creating the top destination for horses

With enthusiasm for equine sports growing worldwide, the need for a facility offering the full spectrum of cuttingedge care has never been greater. As home to the nation’s top-ranked veterinary school, UC Davis is ideally positioned to create a hub for comprehensive equine fitness. The Equine Performance Center will bring clinical expertise, superior diagnostics and innovative strategies for prevention and treatment together under one roof. 

With the partnership of philanthropists who share in our vision, the center will combine the depth and breadth of our expertise in equine medicine with the very latest in veterinary and sports-medicine technologies, enabling us to provide innovative care that will optimize performance and enhance career longevity in sport and recreational horses. 

The center’s technological tools will be especially powerful for observing, addressing and resolving lameness, allowing for early detection of problems—before a horse is sidelined—as well as precise determination of sources of pain. These same tools will be key to maintaining horses’ overall wellness and performance, allowing clinicians to monitor vital signs and to paint a complete picture of an individual animal’s health.

Expanding the horizon of equine medicine

Philanthropy has always fueled our preeminence in the veterinary sciences. We invite your consideration of a gift that will amplify our world-class equine services and our capacity for clinical innovation, now and for generations to come. With your visionary partnership, we will advance our leading equine care to its next level of excellence—creating a performance center that is a premier destination for top performance and recreational horses in California, the nation and the world.