Global Education for All

Global Education for All

Global education for all UC Davis students builds on the university’s growing international experiences and rich regional diversity to provide vital intercultural competence and preparation for global leadership. Building global leadership opportunities and connections

It’s 2027. Elena ’22 is modeling ozone pollution impact on California and international rice production, working with a Chinese engineer she met in a virtual seminar. Ananya ’23 just launched a textiles micro-enterprise in India, using ideas developed through campus connections with Peruvian entrepreneurs.

Latitudes of Learning for the Global Good

We speak with the Global Education for All champion, Vice Provost Joanna Regulska, about how this Big Idea aims to offer all students global learning experiences to help them live, lead and thrive in an interconnected world.

Global Education to Protect Our Future

Anna Maddison ’22 is looking forward to learning more about global systems shaping the environmental toxicology during her study abroad quarter in Nottingham, England, this fall.

Gaining Global Leadership Experience on Campus

Maria Arteaga ‘18 was already an active student leader before she became a member of the Global Education for All Big Idea Steering Committee — an advisory group is guiding the development of providing each and every UC Davis student with global learning experiences. 

The Right Blend

Morning coffee is a part of many daily routines –– but with coffee shops on every corner in metropolitan areas, we tend to take coffee for granted.

Educating the Global Citizen

Finding ways to give students global experience through trips to other U.S. communities, local internships with multinational companies or diverse living arrangements on campus will play a major role in the Global Education for All initiative, said Joanna Regulska, vice provost and associate chancellor of Global Affairs.