Center for Precision Medicine

Center for Precision Medicine

Precision medicine initiative: the future of healthcare

Imagine targeted cancer therapies tailored to each patient's genomic fingerprint, lifestyle, and preferences to maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects. Imagine a neighborhood with an unusually high asthma rate working with researchers to share personal and geographic data that ultimately reshape environmental policy.

Making Medicine Personal

July 19, 2019
The Center of Precision Medicine at UC Davis seeks to better predict risk to health and responses to therapy by gathering and integrating complex and detailed information from multiple disciplines.

Doctors Hope 'Precision Medicine' Program With Veterans Could Change How We Treat Patients

January 09, 2019

On its face, it might seem Dr. Fred Meyers at the UC Davis School of Medicine is looking at one very specific problem. He’s studying soldiers with complex trauma, such as a serious burn combined with a head injury. But he says the method he’s using — called precision medicine — could ultimately change the way doctors nationwide treat both military and civilian patients.

Via Capital Public Radio

The Future is Now

September 27, 2017
UC Davis experts in precision medicine are leading cutting-edge advances in healthcare