A person standing with cows


As a changing climate drives up temperatures and alters seasonal cycles, we need systems that ensure reliable crop growth, pollination, healthy livestock and a consistent harvest. By working with farmers and breeding new plant varieties adapted to produce the same or even more healthful products under different environmental conditions, we can help producers advance their businesses and meet consumer demand.  Smart Farm seeks to build on field-level research, big data analysis and phenotyping to fine tune crop varieties and production systems. Listed below is a sample of research in this area:

  • Strengthening crop resilience through plant breeding, phenotyping and genomics.
  • Studying the effects of agricultural and crop management practices on soil microorganisms, carbon storage and nutrient turnover.
  • Supporting animal welfare through the use of technology to monitor animal health and nutrition.
  • Studying the impact of farm and agricultural operations related to technological adaptation.
  • Supporting pollinator health including bee ecology, evolution and behavior and how these areas have been affected by global change.

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