Center for Advancing Pain Relief

Center for Advancing Pain Relief

Comprehensive Pain Management Solutions Chronic pain: millions living with pain in the U.S.

Sheila, a retired teacher, beat cancer, but the treatment left her with unbearable pain. Jackie, a sixth-grader, has lingering pain from a fractured leg that failed to heal. And Greg, a contractor, suffers daily back pain from a herniated disc. They are among the millions who experience acute or chronic pain every year. Yet pain remains under-researched, and the fragmentation of pain education, research, clinical care and policy impairs our understanding and effective treatment of pain.

Transforming Pain Care, Maximizing Quality of Life

May 10, 2019
Scott Fishman, M.D., UC Davis Health director for the Center for Advancing Pain Relief, has seen firsthand the pervasive pain problem plaguing the United States over the past several decades.

Despite an Opioid Crisis, Most ERs Don’t Offer Addiction Treatment

January 08, 2019
Patients are now encountered a still-unusual approach of treating addiction in the emergency room. At the core of this work is a straightforward idea: treating addiction like any other medical condition, and building treatment for addiction into the rest of the health care system.

The Pain Problem

December 06, 2017
Pain is a pervasive problem that the medical community has not yet addressed in a comprehensive way. The UC Davis Center for Advancing Pain Relief hopes to address pain care with an interdisciplinary approach.