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Advancing the capacity of sensors and robotics along with interpreting the data produced by these devices is a key element to sustainably producing, processing and storing food. These technologies allow for precision in applying nutrients and water and hold great potential for more reliable crop monitoring. There is an opportunity to refine these technologies to be smarter, better linked to actionable information and more effective in monitoring environmental impacts at all scales of agriculture. Our work in this area focuses on the following fields and research areas:

  • Development of next generation technologies focused on agricultural robotics, mechanization and automation for specialty crops.
  • Understanding plant systems through the lens of remote sensing and environmental informatics.
  • Maximizing water efficiency through precision irrigation systems and other technologies to improve crop management.
  • Development of low-cost AI systems that generate novel insight into plant biology.
  • Optimizing controlled environment agriculture such as vertical indoor farming.
  • Cultivated meat production in large-scale fermentors to produce a protein-rich meat product. 

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