Food in bins


Food is fundamental to human life. One of the priorities of this initiative is to ensure that our food systems can reliably produce nutrient-dense, safe food products to support vibrant and healthy communities. From field to fork, sustainability and food safety goals must be intertwined at every link in the supply chain with the ultimate goal of delivering agricultural products that meet consumer needs and support human health. Our work in this area focuses on the following fields and research areas:

  • Understanding and improving the nutritional quality of staple and specialty crops, to help ensure a food supply that is sufficient in quantity and quality for the long-term.
  • Studying food safety techniques to reduce outbreaks of pathogens.
  • Developing technologies for addressing key issues in areas of food safety and food for health initiatives.
  • Promoting population health equity by reducing disparities in chronic diseases among vulnerable and medically underserved populations. 
  • Studying food consumption and the demand for nutrition and health, at both the household and aggregate levels.

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