Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the purpose of the Big Ideas?

UC Davis' Big Ideas process offers the opportunity to source visionary ideas from faculty, staff and students that might not otherwise be considered as we prepare for the next comprehensive fundraising campaign.

Who can submit an idea?

We welcome ideas from UC Davis faculty, staff and students.

How do I submit a Big Idea?

The submission period has ended.

Do I need approval from my dean and/or department chair before submitting my idea?

No, but you are strongly encouraged to seek the support of your dean and/or department chair before submitting an idea.

What is the protocol for resubmissions?

Resubmissions are allowed, but you must show how the idea has evolved, and it must align with the identified topic areas.

What are the identified topic areas?

We are seeking proposals in the following areas: student experience; arts and humanities; innovation and entrepreneurship; environmental and planetary health; and equity, inclusion and social justice.

Is this a grant opportunity?

No. UC Davis Big Ideas is a way for the university to source visionary ideas and identify fundraising campaign priorities. UC Davis aims to partner with donors and the community to help advance the university by seeking private funding support for the Big Ideas.

Does submitting my Big Idea guarantee it will be funded?

No. There is no guarantee that ideas will receive funding, even if selected as a final campaign idea. However, selected ideas will be featured in front of key university donor audiences and dedicated development officers will promote these ideas in donor conversations. Development and Alumni Relations will also provide hands-on support to the selected ideas in the areas of marketing, communications, budget creation, presentations, etc.

What is the deadline to submit a Big Idea?

The submission deadline is November 15, 2018.

Can I submit more than one Big Idea?

Yes, you can submit more than one Big Idea.

When will the next campaign for UC Davis begin?

The quiet phase began July 1, 2016, and the anticipated public launch will be in the fall of 2020. The target end date is December 2024, encompassing an 8 year industry standard timeline for campaigns.

How will funding priorities be identified?

Campaign priorities will emerge through the Chancellor’s strategic planning process. Each of the colleges, schools and units have begun the campaign planning process and have established preliminary goals, which will continue to evolve prior to the launch of the campaign.

What is the role of the Champion?

The Champion is the primary individual responsible for administration and supervision of the project and he/she must be a current employee of the University. Champions are encouraged to have a small leadership team for each idea, and co-champions could emerge as the idea moves forward in the process. Champions leaving the institution are responsible for notifying their Dean or Vice Chancellor well in advance of their departure so arrangements can be made to either close the project or name another appropriately qualified individual currently at the institution to serve as the Champion.

Can there be Co-Champions?

Co-champions are allowed, but we ask that only one person act as the lead for communications, outreach, and spokesperson opportunities. Please list co-champions under the “additional team members” section on the submission application.

What are the university giving levels for different types of gift funds?

Naming opportunities for buildings/facilities, endowed deans, chairs or professorships and others have set endowment minima. Connect with your college/school/unit development staff to learn more about these minima and to determine current use and capital project funding levels.