Aggie Square

Aggie Square's Sneak Preview

August 20, 2019
Earlier this month, employees from IBM got together at a reception and tour with UC Davis’ Office of Public Scholarship and Engagement and Aggie Square staff for introductions and friendly conversation.

UC Davis Issues RFQ for Aggie Square

June 11, 2019
The University of California, Davis, has issued a request for qualifications, or RFQ, to real estate developers interested in financing, designing, building, owning and managing the first phase of Aggie Square, a new innovation hub for the university’s Sacramento campus. 

UC Davis Unveils Preliminary Design for Aggie Square

April 23, 2019
University of California, Davis, Chancellor Gary S. May and Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg today (April 23) announced a preliminary design for Aggie Square, the new innovation hub to be built on the university’s Sacramento campus. 

Lifelong Learning Hub

Empowering Lifelong Learners Advanced training for the growing workforce

Kim has spent years cobbling together high-stress, low-paying jobs to support her two sons. Her day shift as a sales clerk doesn’t provide enough to make ends meet, so she adds a swing shift with a virtual call center, fielding customer service inquiries after she puts her children to bed. Together with occasional Uber driving, Kim manages to pay the bills. But with little time to spend with the sons she works so hard to support, she knows the cost to her family is too high.

Market Plaza at Aggie Square

Growing Healthy Appetites for Life Enhancing food literacy and expanding access

A picky eater whose diet consisted mainly of chicken nuggets and fries, eight-year-old Ben only ate tomatoes in the form of ketchup…until the day of his school field trip to Market Plaza in Aggie Square. When a grower at the farmers market invited him to sample a just-picked heirloom tomato, it was an eye-opening experience.

Life Sciences, Technology and Engineering Innovation

Accelerating Life Sciences Innovation and Discovery Leveraging life sciences technology   

Rose suffers from osteoporosis. For years, worrying about broken bones kept her from enjoying morning strolls and, most importantly, playing in the park with her grandchildren. She’d become resigned to a less mobile lifestyle—until her doctor recommended a treatment using her own stem cells to build new, stronger bone. Now, only a year into treatment, Rose is much more active. She’s spending more time with her grandkids than ever, and she just joined a neighborhood walking group.

Aggie Square

Bringing Ideas and Innovations to Life The future of innovation: research and development

Picture a bustling Sacramento neighborhood. It’s 10 a.m. on a Friday: just a typical morning in a place that is anything but. At the farmer’s market on the corner, a grower introduces a child to his first fresh-picked tomato. Nearby, a student interning at a community planning firm has an epiphany that refocuses his career path as he talks with a mentor about her work in sustainable design.

Quarter at Aggie Square

Life-Changing Experience Deepening the passion: new dimension and purpose

Ever since he was a child building elaborate Lego cities on the kitchen floor, Andy had always been drawn to urban environments. So when he was encouraged to spend a quarter in Sacramento during his junior year, he jumped at the chance. He’d come to UC Davis to study civil engineering, impressed by the hands-on program and the university’s unique experiential learning opportunities.