UC Davis Firearm Violence Prevention Expert Garen Wintemute On Parkland Shooting

March 06, 2018
Dr. Garen J. Wintemute, champion of the Center for Violence Prevention Research Big Idea, is a leading scholar investigating the data behind shootings and the policies that have proven effective in preventing them. He’s been outspoken since Parkland about background checks, gun violence restraining ordersand federal funding for gun violence research, and he shares his ideas on Insight.

Gun Hero

February 14, 2018
The country’s first publicly funded center devoted to the study of gun violence, the University of California Firearm Violence Research Center, was launched last summer at the UC Davis Medical Center. Now, UC Davis is pursuing a vision to unite researchers across disciplines to prevent violence in all its forms through the creation of the Center for Violence Prevention Research. Director Garen Wintemute, M.D., discusses how understanding the underlying problems that cause violence can help us prevent it.

Telemedicine - The New House Call

January 26, 2018
Telemedicine uses technology to diagnose and treat illness remotely. For the aging, it can provide 24-hour care without a hospital stay and improve quality of life through more accessible treatment options. School of Nursing Dean Heather M. Young and Associate Vice Chancellor Tom Nesbitt talk about the technology, its future in health care and how UC Davis innovates for Healthy Aging in a Digital World.

The Pain Problem

December 06, 2017
Pain is a pervasive problem that the medical community has not yet addressed in a comprehensive way. The UC Davis Center for Advancing Pain Relief hopes to address pain care with an interdisciplinary approach.

Taking the World’s Best Veterinary Care to the Next Level

October 13, 2017
The University of California, Davis, announced plans to raise $115 million in philanthropic support to update and improve three critical areas of the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Center: the Livestock and Field Service Center, the Equine Performance Center and the All-Species Imaging Center. 

The Future is Now

September 27, 2017
UC Davis experts in precision medicine are leading cutting-edge advances in healthcare

Why are Alzheimer’s Rates So High Among Latinos?

August 04, 2017
Latinos are California’s fastest-growing ethnic group. They’re also among the most likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. A new five-year study out of UC Davis will investigate why.