Alcohol Misuse and Gun Violence: What We Know

December 17, 2019
While the relationship between gun violence and mental health get lots of attention, numerous studies have established a much stronger link between excessive alcohol consumption and gun violence.

Kitten gets Fish-Skin Mittens to Heal Paws Burned in the California Fires

December 14, 2019
A handful of lucky pets rescued from Northern California’s Camp Fire last month are healing with the help of a procedure that — until now — had never been done on cats or dogs. Jamie Peyton, a UC Davis veterinarian, had success last year using the unconventional fish skin technique on rescued from fires — so this year, as injured animals poured into the hospital in Chico, she volunteered to give the method a try on household pets.

A Quarter of Californian Adults Live in a Household With a Gun

December 05, 2019
In an attempt to update our understanding of gun ownership, a team of researchers led by Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz, from the University of California, Davis, decided to investigate the prevalence of firearms in California, the types and numbers of weapons people owned, and their reasons for having them.