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The Big Question: How Can We Stop Mass Shootings?

November 15, 2019
News of mass shootings and participating in active shooter trainings in schools, workplaces and public venues have become part of everyday American life. But, rather than getting used to mass shootings, what can we do to stop them?

Latitudes of Learning for the Global Good

November 14, 2019
We speak with the Global Education for All champion, Vice Provost Joanna Regulska, about how this Big Idea aims to offer all students global learning experiences to help them live, lead and thrive in an interconnected world.

Board Post and Award for Chancellor

November 12, 2019
The Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, or APLU, board of directors elected Chancellor Gary S. May to its executive committee last weekend, four days after another national association honored May and Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg for their work on Aggie Square.

UC Davis VMTH Veterinarians, Professors Created PET Scanning System

November 12, 2019
The UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH) has successfully administered scans for horses using their new equine-specific PET system. The machine allows for the 3D scanning of horse limbs to detect lesions and injuries that other technologies cannot identify, according to Mathieu Spriet, an associate professor of diagnostic imaging at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Is Man's Best Friend the Key to Battling Cancer?

November 08, 2019
A new joint study by UC Davis, the University of Wisconsin and Colorado State University is looking for healthy canines to participate in a study that may benefit man and man's best friend alike.

Severely Burned Dog Rises From the Ashes Thanks to Fish Skins

November 08, 2019
In January, an Alaskan dog, Archer, was severely burned when the house where he lived caught on fire. Firefighters arrived on the scene and found Archer covered in flames. When it became clear that Archer would need more help to heal than she could provide, Dr. Oakley reached out to Dr. Jamie Peyton, a burn specialist at The University of California, Davis, for advice.