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UC Davis Researchers: Protection Orders May Prevent Mass Shootings

August 20, 2019
“Over and over again, from the records, what we saw is that law enforcement was able to intervene and remove firearms because they got a tip,” UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program director and Center for Violence Prevention Research champion Dr. Garen Wintemute said.

Study: California’s ‘Red Flag’ Law May Have Helped Reduce Mass Shootings

August 20, 2019
University of California-Davis medical school researchers published a study examining 21 cases in which gun violence restraining orders were obtained through the courts because of potential mass shooting threats. Lead author was Garen Wintemute, champion of the Center for Violence Prevention Research Big Idea.

Aggie Square's Sneak Preview

August 20, 2019
Earlier this month, employees from IBM got together at a reception and tour with UC Davis’ Office of Public Scholarship and Engagement and Aggie Square staff for introductions and friendly conversation.

Global Education to Protect Our Future

August 16, 2019
Anna Maddison ’22 is looking forward to learning more about global systems shaping the environmental toxicology during her study abroad quarter in Nottingham, England, this fall.

Gaining Global Leadership Experience on Campus

August 16, 2019
Maria Arteaga ’19 was already an active student leader before she became a member of the Global Education for All Big Idea Steering Committee — an advisory group is guiding the development of providing each and every UC Davis student with global learning experiences.