UC Davis’ Big Ideas are forward-thinking, interdisciplinary initiatives that will build upon the strengths of the university to positively impact the world. UC Davis researchers, scientists, clinicians and others are conducting innovative and ambitious work in sustainability, food, animal and human health, and more. These transformative projects can only become realities through partnerships with passionate donors, whose gifts will lead to the discoveries to solve California’s and the world’s most pressing problems.

Recent Articles

New UC Davis center paves the way for rock dust research

February 14, 2021
Faculty at the University of California are carrying out several remineralization studies across multiple campuses that they hope will deliver a more holistic understanding of California soils’ carbon storage potential.

Aging In California

February 03, 2021
UC Davis Health Professor Terri Harvath explains what the organization plans to focus on now and in the post-pandemic years.

Rep. Matsui and husband donate to support climate research

December 15, 2020
Rep. Doris Matsui of Sacramento and her husband, Roger Sant, are propelling UC Davis’ climate work with a gift to Project Carbon, which is developing new, high-tech ways to capture atmospheric carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse gases.

Telemedicine pioneer

December 01, 2020
Tom Nesbitt (B.A., psychology, ’75; M.D. ’79) launched the UC Davis Health System’s first telehealth program in 1992. Nesbitt’s pioneering leadership in telemedicine has been recognized by the American Telemedicine Association and the American Hospital Association.